How to win in fruit slot machines

Fruit slot machines are the most known by all gamblers. With the regulation created in Colombia to control gambling, legal casinos have made available to Colombian users a wide range of online games including fruit slot machines. Below, you can see the analysis of the most played fruit slot machines and the tricks for fruit slot machines.

Tricks to win at fruit slot machines

It should be taken into consideration that the tricks for fruit slot machines do not differ much from other types of machines. Below, we will give you the best tips so that you can win as much money as possible.

1. Higher denomination slot machines have a higher payback percentage.

Higher denomination slot machines

You have to understand that there are no longer only slot machines with three reels and things have changed a lot in the last few years.

However, you also have to see what you are looking for in terms of entertainment. And if you prefer something simple like for example Fruit Fiesta with only three reels and an RTP of 90.09%. In the opposite case, Fruit Spin which has 96.84% and has a total of 40 paylines.

Even if the amount you are betting is higher or lower, playing on higher denomination machines means bigger bets and higher risk.

2. If it is going to be a fruit slot machine, make it fit your style and personality.

This advice sounds frivolous as you have no idea, but it has a logical basis. You may be looking for simpler games with as few as three reels, or ones that are a bit more spread out with smaller wins. Even some games with free spins where you can win a little more with multipliers.

It is necessary to analyze that the simpler they are, the more they will work as a jackpot and will have a bigger win in a particular spin. While in others with smaller wins, they may make you enjoy more thanks to the animations and all the extra content they offer.

3. Play according to your budget

To play slot machines, you have to take into account that you can last at least three hours on them. However, try not to play in such a way that your budget is wasted. While you can win big, you can also lose a lot if you don’t spin according to the money you have at your disposal.

4. Make spins with small bets and then increase them if possible.

To better understand a slot machine, the best thing you can do is to make spins with small bets, since it is almost certain that you will not start winning. Once you start a good streak, you can increase the amount of the bet so that you can see bigger profits. Of course, this is if it is possible for you and you don’t have such a limited budget.

5. Practice with the free versions if possible

Practice with the free versions

Many online gambling portals give you the facility to practice with slot machines totally free. In this way, you will have the possibility to understand much better the game of your choice without problems. Both Zamba and Rivalo have this option. And at least in the case of the first one, with a game like Fruits and Stars you can play it in a demo version.

6. You have to understand the payout percentages

You probably noticed that in one of these tips the RTP was mentioned. Well, every slot machine has a return to player percentage (RTP). This is calculated over millions of spins to produce an average amount of money that the machine will return to the players.

This is one of the most important tools that gamblers can use to win at slot machines. While the average of many titles may be between 93 and 94%, it is best to look for a game with an RTP closer to the mid-90s or even higher. A 97% RTP if possible.