Sports betting – what is double chance?

Sports betting on victory, defeat and draw should be familiar even to laymen who have not yet dealt with the bookmaking matter. However, the best online betting providers are now on the ball with around 200 special bets for a soccer match. Customers have a huge range of bets at their disposal. It is possible to bet on virtually every possible game event. In the following, we want to explicitly turn to the double chance in the advisor section. What exactly is behind this betting offer? What are the betting options and what are the chances of winning? You can find an explanation using a concrete example here.

Double Chance explained in detail

The double chance is used for 3-way bets. Two possible game outcomes are covered with one betting odds. The following versions are possible.

  • Home win, draw – 1X
  • Draw, away win – X2
  • Home win, away win – 12

To illustrate the design of the betting odds, we have picked out a concrete offer from the best German soccer bookmaker Bet3000 on the Bundesliga. The bookie offers the following betting odds on the match between Hannover 96 and RB Leipzig:

  • Home win Hannover 96: 3.80
  • Draw: 3,70
  • Away win RB Leipzig: 2,0

At double chance, this results in the following offers:

  • Home win, draw: 1.85
  • Draw, away win: 1.30
  • Home win, away win: 1.30

The advantage of the double chance variant

The advantage of the double chance is obvious. Mathematically, the customer increases his chance of winning to two thirds. With only one match outcome, the betting tip is lost.

The disadvantage of the double chance

The disadvantage of the double chance

The decisive minus point is of course to be found in the area of betting odds. The offers of the bookmakers fall violently in the cellar in terms of odds. Let’s stay with our Bundesliga example. We assume that the Leipzig team will win in Hannover. A customer who has made this prediction directly correct, receives at Bet3000 with a stake of ten euros after all 20 euros paid out. If, on the other hand, he has hedged his betting tip via Double Chance X2, there’s only a payout of 13.00 euros. This difference is already considerable.

When does the betting market make sense and when not?

Top favorites should not be played on the double chance in our view, because the profits shrink here to a minimum. The DC bet is recommended for fairly even games. Every now and then, some betting professionals reach for the market as soon as a favorite is away. It is not uncommon for the top teams to settle for a split of points in the opponent’s stadium. These smaller surprises can be caught very much with the double chance.

Can Double Chance be played as a strategy?

Yes. There are some professional sports bettors who are fully committed to Double Chance. Due to the possible limitations of the outcome probabilities and the inclusion of possible surprises, the DC version can be implemented very well as a betting strategy by security fanatics.

However, the majority of customers rarely bet on solo tips at this point, due to the rather meager betting odds. As a rule, several tips are combined on a combination betting slip.

The potential is there in any case

The potential is there in any case

The double chance also has the potential to bet complete match days in a selected league on a combination betting slip. Due to the multiplication of the betting odds, a very attractive return can still be earned with the DC bet in this way. Recommended at this point are bookmakers where the combos are insured against a mistake from a certain number of tips.

Conclusion on the double chance: an absolute must for safety bettors

According to our sports betting experiences, the double chance is the perfect way to drive the risk of individual tips into the basement – and not only because of the mathematical probability calculation. More crucial is that the games can be estimated very accurately. The slip of a favorite is calculated in a certain way, only the total embarrassment is excluded. Sports bettors who calculate the matches very close to a value bet can still reap appealing profits, especially with balanced suspensions.